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Ich liebe:

simplicity in people... honest smile... happiness and icecream))) What kind of icecream do you like?

ich hasse es:

i dont like when you make me cry!


Do you know that each of us has an angel? One good and one bad... So I am an angel in your life. Wild, because it is unlikely that you will ever be able to tame me. I will be your friend, I will be your support, I will be your bottomless ocean in which you can drown ... but I will not allow this. I'll evoke a boom of emotion in you. You will want me. You will hate me. I'll be your addiction The sweetest, the bitterest, the most accessible and at the same time - inaccessible. You have to earn me. I will be your mirror. How you behave with me - then you will receive in return. I only look fragile - but you can never break me. I'm like a butterfly - beautiful, bewitching, attracting attention ... You scare (offend) me once - and I will never return ... But if you show your warmth and care - I promise you will be able to know this world in a completely different way , bright, delicious, unforgettable colors. I am an angel who will always listen, who will be your reliable rear ... I am the one who will show you the way ... I will be your ray on the darkest and rainiest day ...


  • Alter:: 26
  • Sex Vorliebe:: bisexual
  • Residenz::
  • Cup-GroBe:: C
  • Gestalt:: S
  • Land:: UA
  • Herkunft:: european
  • Haarfarbe:: blonde
  • Sternzeichen:: aries
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